Getting a Tax Rebate? Home Depot Can Help

Starting this week, the federal government is sending out tax rebate checks to around 130 million households. Not surprisingly, big retailers want you to spend your check at their store, and they’re offering big discounts to do it.

But Home Depot has a novel idea:

Home Depot is urging customers to use rebates to invest in the environment and cut energy bills. It’ll offer discounts through July on compact fluorescent light bulbs and Energy Star appliances. That helps “take a short-term stimulus and turn it into a long-term investment,” spokeswoman Jean Niemi says.

The company is pushing it’s Eco Options line of products, which it launched in April 2007. Their Eco Options include:

…all-natural insect repellents, cellulose insulation, front-load washing machines, organic plant food and vegetables in biodegradable pots. The wide array of Eco Options also includes compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, programmable thermostats and certified wood.

Sure beats just dumping your rebate into your gas tank.


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